This is where I share my visual experiences and creations.

When I was a kid, I loved doodling in my text books. That caused me a lot of trouble.


Back to that time in 80's, art was not accepted as a normal job that cannot support a family. So I was not allowed to do any artistic activities. I only got the permission for doing arts right after I attended vocational school. I studied Graphic Design there, and I picked up all the basic skills like drawing, watercolor painting, color pencil name it. When I was 18 yrs, I won a silver metal at 31 st International Vocational Training Competition(Graphic Design). This honer gained me the chance to attend university.


Now I'm a self-employed Fine art teacher and designer. I'm running my own studio, I teach sketching, painting, illustrating...and graphic designing. I'm also doing visual communication design and interior design.


As an Art teacher and designer, I enjoy living with my artistic skills. It's great to have this website to share my visual experiences and art works with you.


Shawn Guo