Doodling with Autodesk Sketchbook

I love doodling in my free time. It's a good way to train my creative thinking. You might think it's silly, but feeling silly is also part of life, isn't it?


Visiting Cingjing Veterans Farm has became a yearly family pleasure for me and my family members. Both my children love feeding those sheep on the farm. Even they were quite concerned about getting hurt by the sheep. And more for your information, they do know those are plant-eating animals.


For me, my eyes were caught by their gold-silk like wool. Every time I visited them, I took picture for them. This is one of it, that I recently add some decorations to make him look like a King who ruled my kids. Ha!


Shawn Guo

Happy new year of 2015, friends.

As I'm still trying to fix into this software. I just pick up one photo of mine and make up one story for it. Then illustrated for it.


This is another piece of work that comes out from a photo that I took at the beach. Before I realized it, it's already figured like this, guess that's because I enjoy daydreaming also.


Shawn Guo

The way you look at things makes a huge difference.


I took this picture on the way to the park. At the beginning I only thought it's was unique, but when I reviewed it at home, I saw another picture that I'm showing it at the bottom.


Bon Appetie!


Shawn Guo

It just came into my mind. When I looked at the steel wool.

It's always great to have sometime relaxing and do some doodling like this.

I love day dreaming when I was a kid.

I could cange things into another with my imagnaiton.

That really help with my creation on my design job.

Shawn Guo 

I drew this face on the picture

of my jean with my Samsung Note 4.

I love  S-pen, it could sense the presure I give it

and shows it on the picture.

Shawn Guo

Can you recognize him?

Another doodling made with my Note 4.

Recently, I'm teaching my students

how to do celebrity cartoon character.

And this is a demonstration.

Shawn Guo